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Harvest Special Update

I’ll be honest, it was ugly.  

I’m not talking about Prop. 19’s near miss in California, I’m talking about the fact that I was KO’d in the first round of the Literary Death Match in Austin.   Dropped to the mat like a sack of shit by a guy reading a heartwarming Christmas story.   I, because it was a Death Match and I take the challenge of a Death Match seriously, read the home-invasion-strap-on-reversal-of-fortune-scene from Baked.  That, apparently, was a mistake.  The local newspaper, the Austin American-Statesman covered the event and had this to say:  “Smith mistook shocking, violent and disgusting for funny in his reading.”

Which is ironic, because I mistake shocking, violent and disgusting for funny in my novels.
But I had a good time at the Texas Book Festival.  I saw my friends: authors David Liss, Billy Taylor and Elizabeth Crane.  I saw other pals too.   I ate fried okra, drank cold beer, and was content.   I like Austin.

Work on my non-fiction book continues.   I went up into the Sierras to watch the harvest come in.   I avoided poison oak.  I tried to learn how to trim, but like being an expert hair stylist, it was beyond my skill set.   I churned out buds that looked like squashed tater tots.   Thankfully, I’m one hell of a typist.

If you’re planning on being at the Cannabis Cup in Amsterdam November 21-25, look for me.  I’ll be there.