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In the run up to the release of Raw – A Love Story my publisher is offering a bargain budget ebundle of my first two novels, Moist and Delicious at an insanely low price.   For less than the price of a latte you can get both books, an excerpt from Raw, and a fancy forward I wrote.    But the sale only lasts until December first so… you know, just do it.

It should be rolling out in all ebook formats soon.  Here’s the link for Kobo, the iBook store, Barnes & Nobles, and the Kindle link.



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Moist: A Novel

A comic rampage through the polyglot gutters of modern Los Angeles…

When a severed arm decorated with an erotic tattoo appears at an L.A. pathology lab, it’s love at first sight. Bob’s minimum wage job minding the slabs has never given him agita before, but now he won’t rest until he finds the owner of the arm so he can get to the girl who posed for that unforgettable tattoo. But Bob isn’t the only one with a stake in finding the arm’s owner-the moment he sets off to find his true love, a colorful band of mobsters from Mexico and some of the L.A.P.D.’s finest cross his path in their desperate search for this peculiar piece of evidence.

From Amado, a one-armed murdered addicted to Mexican soap opera, to Martin, a Wharon graduate and cannabis aficionado, to Maura, a masturbation coach with unnatural urges, Bob finds himself entangled in a hilarious stew of murder, sex and mobster-style politics.

A first novel that is as sharp and biting as a salt-rimmed margarita,Faster, with a head-swiveling plot you’ll love to untangle, Moist is whip-smart, stylish reading.


Moist has been called “A wildly imaginative comic novel.” by Booklist
and the Los Angeles Times Book Review said, “Smith’s energetic
thriller is an ode to the hard-boiled Los Angeles of Raymond Chandler
and James Ellroy, spun out in brighter-than-life Starburst colors.”