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After three sets of revisions based on notes from my editor, Naked at Lunch has finally gone into “production.”   That means I’m now looking at the copy edit, my editor and I are scribbling what’s called “jacket copy” and we’re hitting up fancy writers for blurbs.  If that doesn’t sound strange, somewhere, a beleaguered graphic artist is looking at a naked photo of me and trying to figure out how to turn it into a book cover that will make people want to buy the book and not turn away, repulsed.  Good luck with that.

My editor, Jamison Stoltz, doesn't get to yell "bingo!"
My editor, Jamison Stoltz, doesn’t get to yell “bingo!”

But, after two years of intense work, the end is near for this project.  Which means I’ll turn my attention to important things like watching the World Cup.