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California Tour


I’ve been driving up the central coast of California enjoying the fog and fresh air and spreading the dankness wherever I go.    I visited an egg farm that had an egg vending machine,  I ate overpriced veggie burgers at numerous roadhouses along Highway 1, and I did a reading at Book Passage in the Ferry Building in San Francisco.

If you’re interested, you can find the signed copies of Heart of Dankness that I cleverly left along the way at Chaucer’s books in Santa Barbara, Bookshop Santa Cruz, the Capitola Book Cafe, and Book Passage.

In other news: I’ll be appearing at the Hemp Fest in Seattle – August 17-19 – in a panel with Greg “Pot, Inc.” Campbell and Matthew Gavin “Pot Farm” Frank.    We will discuss cannabizness, bookbizness, and writerbizness.


Santa Cruz fashion


Egg Vending Machine.
Santa Cruz Dahlias