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Crazy Media Everywhere

Or at least that’s how it seems.   You can listen to me talk about the business of being naked on Marketplace.   Read a love letter to my research assistant at Salon.   Dig review from the Oregonian and Huffington Post  (who also named it one of “15 Beach Reads to Bask in this Summer“) and the Sydney Daily Telegraph said ““Hilarious insight into what makes people get together and strip off . . . William Burroughs’ 1959 Naked Lunch may win when it comes to sex and drugs but At Lunch pulls its pants down when it comes to barefaced laughter.”

There’s an excellent profile of me at the LA Weekly and at the BBC News Magazine or you can watch me on Australian television.   And my ass appears in Italy in the Corriere della Sera.

Media is exhausting.
Media is exhausting.