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Four countries, three weeks, no clothes.

Madrid to Almeria to Vera to Granada to Barcelona to Perpignan to Cap d’Agde to Paris to Stuttgart to Salzburg.   My head is spinning.   I’ve gotten a lot of writing done.  I’ve seen things I didn’t think I’d ever see (imagine fishnet diapers on a 70 year old German fetish dude).  I’ve shopped in a supermarket naked.  I’ve eaten lunch several times with a bunch or other nudists.  I’ve seen the Alhambra in Granada!  One of the wonders of the world, if fishnet diapers aren’t.   The highlight so far was lunch in Paris with my French publisher (and Julien Guerif, my translator!) IMG_0634to launch the French version of Baked (called Defonce).   We had lunch, we visited bookstores and drank wine with booksellers, then I caught the morning train to Stuttgart.   I’m writing this from a cool hotel in Salzburg, Austria.   Tomorrow I go up into the Alps for some “free hiking”.   That doesn’t mean there’s no cover charge.IMG_0636


Lunch with Rivages/Noir