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Gun Shy

I have seen the movie version of Salty and I’m here to tell you that it is really fucking funny; madcap and goofy and surprisingly heartwarming. I haven’t seen Antonio Banderas pull out all his comic chops since Pedro Almódovar’s early films and Mark Valley proves that he is an unsung comic genius. The movie is really well cast, all the actors are terrific. Simon West brought some soul to the movie and Toby Davies, my co-writer on the script, added some hilarous “British-style” humor. Can you tell I’m happy with the film?

Metal Assassin go platinum

The movie has been desalinated, re-titled to Gun Shy which is, you know, weird because there’s not a lot of guns in the story. But that doesn’t take away from the pleasures of watching. It opens September 8th at a theater near you. Go see it! And then tell your friends how the book is better.